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BEAM Documentary

We are excited to present a sneak peek of a very special project that our team has been passionately working on in collaboration with Summit K12.  We're creating a documentary that will explore the rich history of BEAM and the evolution of Bilingual/ESL education in our area. This project, generously supported by Summit K12, aims to capture the heart and soul of our work and the people who've shaped it. At the 40th Symposium, we shared a 3-minute teaser, a glimpse into the stories and milestones that have defined our journey.

This teaser is just the beginning! We invite YOU to join us in this project. We will continue filming and the full-length documentary will be featured on our BEAM website. If you have stories or artifacts about BEAM or bilingual education in DFW, please share them through the Google formAre you interested in an interview or filming a short video? Let us know via the same form. Help us tell our story.  A huge thank you to Summit K12 for their partnership in bringing this vision to life. 

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