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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website.  In an effort to provide instant support we have created this list of frequently asked questions.  If your question was not answered please contact us at

1. Am I a BEAM member?

We get this question often. Besides purchasing a membership on our website you can also acquire a BEAM membership automatically if you attended:

  • the BEAM Symposium, held in April each year or

  • the TABE Conference, held in the fall each year or

  • a BEAM membership drive, held in the fall each year

If your answer to any of these was yes then you are a BEAM member.  To activate your member account please see the next FAQ.

2. How do I activate my BEAM member account?

To activate your member account please create an account on our website.  See the video for step by step instructions to complete the member account activation process.  Once your membership is verified we will email you to confirm your member account access.

3. How do I access member events and discounts?

In order to access member events and discounts you must complete FAQs one and two.  See the video for step by step instructions on how to register for events using your member account.  Member offers apply automatically once a quantity is entered in the number of tickets box. 

4. Who do we contact to request a W-9, a quote, or an invoice?

For all financial requests please contact the BEAM Treasurer at

5. Who do we contact if we are interested in becoming a sponsor?

To express your interest in becoming a BEAM sponsor please contact the BEAM President at

6. As a BEAM member am I also a TABE member?

Yes!  BEAM is a TABE affiliate! and your BEAM membership includes a TABE membership! 

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